Luuk Lagrange Releases Highly Anticipated Atmospheric Club Track '4 Weeks' for some Post Summer Euphoria ”


Luuk Lagrange releases his highly anticipated single – “4 Weeks,” out now via Xpansive records and joined by an inspirational official music video - watch here: 

This highly anticipated feel-good atmospheric club track is the epitome of Luuk Lagrange's unique blend of innovative dance music with the haunting mantra of '4 Weeks in the summer’ hypnotically soaking into the psyche like the heat of the sun on a beach in a summer in Ibiza. 

Strongly melodic house and hooky vocals are the signature and theme of the shamelessly club focused ‘4 weeks’ from Luuk Lagrange, a London based DJ and producer; the mantra of ‘4 weeks’ reminding us all of the recent summer and those feelings drawing us back desperately pining for more of that fun. Oh…and that girl/boy/person we got to know well and now remains a fading memory…. Well, not with this song, we can now bring on the reflection of the heat and sun in our thoughts and on the dance floor. Cool beats and swinging hihats building with the percussive synth sound blended with a smooth set of ambient synth plucks and string for the definitive moody reflection of those hot days. The big reverbed ambient vocal slowly sinking into the beats and the mind like the warmth of the sun when bathing in the heat… .Inspired by the best of house in the mood and style  of Defected's CamelPhat,…..and more, the summer continues in this hooky club-banger so listen out in the UK club and dance radio circuit and  be sure to check it out.


Luuk Lagrange, a London based DJ and producer  

Starting out as a live musician as a student whilst at Cambridge, where he studied Physics and Maths,  Luuk quickly realised the real power of electronic dance and its ability to convey feelings and emotions in perfect harmony with crisply timed beats. It was a natural progression from guitar and bass to synths and DAW based digital dance music production. After a series of collaborations Luuk Lagrange has found his full potential to creatively produce melodic house in his forthcoming releases. His forthcoming collaborations with Grammy award winning song writer Michele Vice-Maslin is due to produce some head turning tunes in the very near future and with a series of club and radio tracks be sure to check out.


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